About WannabeQB

I am not a football player. I’m just a fan, the same as you. A fan that grew frustrated by the noise surrounding the NFL. But rather than complaining, I figured why not try to solve the problem? So this this is my solution – Wannabe QB. A place to put my opinions on the NFL, not scandals, not twitter feuds, just the game of football.

I want to be up front about my biases so I’ll admit that I’m a New England Patriots fan. Yes, I think Brady is better than Manning. No, I don’t mind how Bill Belichick deals with the media. And no, I don’t think the three SuperBowls are in any way tainted. I am going to try to be neutral and write what I see.

So I hope you enjoy my site, I will do my best to make it one worth visiting again and again.

The Wannabe QB


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